About Us

SparkleBerry Ink was launched in 2015 to finally offer crafters high quality craft vinyl with customer service that simply sparkles. 

My name is Mandy, and I’m the owner and artist behind this brand. Before I launched SparkleBerry Ink, I was just like you. I owned my own decal company and struggled with finding consistent vinyl materials. I tore my hair out trying to find designs that were engaging and interesting and I was longing for something that would help me connect with other artists. I realized that I had an inherent eye for design and wanted to do something revolutionary. I wanted to turn the vinyl world upside down and cover it in my version of glitter. 

SparkleBerry Ink is the only vinyl company on the market that offers ORIGINAL artwork. This means you don’t have to worry about copyright infringements when you want to post or sell your craft projects using our vinyl. Each purchase includes an extended license! 

Now,if you were curious as to where the “sparkle” and “berry” bits come in, that’s a little nod to my family. Like many of you, I am a proud mother. My daughters are obsessed with strawberries the way I am obsessed with my craft vinyl. I want my daughters to be inspired by my work as an artist and a business woman. I want them to grow up to be confident and I believe that confidence and creativity are intimately entwined. So, my brand will lead by example. Go ahead and look at what inspires your creativity and be confident in knowing that when you purchase from Sparkle Berry Ink, you are guaranteed quality and excellence this time and every time.

A Tidbit About Me…

While you might know me as the artist and owner behind SparkleBerry Ink, I bet you don’t know that my favorite food is a tossup between Mexican or burgers and I’m an avid enthusiast for pajamas! 

All kidding aside,I am really excited you’ve decided to learn a bit more about me. I am a mother to three beautiful children and a wife to a man who now works beside me as SparkleBerry’s Chief Operating Officer. When I’m not busy dreaming up sparkling new designs for my company I can usually be found cuddling up with the kiddos, walking my dogs, or reading a good book on the sofa. Those pajamas are key to a good snuggle or read, by the way. 

I’m really just a woman that loves to be creative and wants to inspire you to be creative too. I want to challenge you to see the sparkle in the world and be confident in your creativity because that’s how we make this world a better place. We do it by sharing our imagination one design at a time.


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