How to create a Pot Holder with Sublimation Transfers

How to create a Pot Holder with Sublimation Transfers

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This bright and happy pot holder adds the perfect kitchen to any kitchen. 

Download Instructions (PDF)

Pot Holder- using the Sublimation Transfer Craft Kit

Here is what you'll need:

  • SparkleBerry Sublimation Transfer (available in every pattern!)
  • Heat Press/EasyPress Butcher, Parchment or Copy Paper
  • Heat Safe Tape
  • Weeding Tools
  • Sublimatable Pot Holder
  • Lint Roller

Step 1: Prep Work

Prep work is super important when working with Sublimation. Since you will be pressing the item at a high temperature, we want to make sure to give our press enough time to get to temperature and we want to avoid cross contamination on dirt and fibers on our item.

First, preheat your press to 375 degrees Fahrenheit and set your timer to 50 seconds. You can use a clamshell, swing away press or a Cricut Easy Press that is bigger than the oven mitt.

Next, clear debris from your pot holder with the lint roller to make sure there are no extra fibers on it. 

Step 2: The Sub(limation) Sandwich

Now it is time to create our layer sandwich for sublimation. To protect your press, you want to make sure that you have blow out paper (non waxed butcher, parchment or copy paper) at the top and the bottom. So start by placing a layer of paper onto the bottom platten of your heatpress (or your pressing surface). Next, place your pot holder on the paper with the white (sublimatable) side facing up. Then, flip your sublimation transfer onto the oven mitt with the ink side touching your pot holder and secure with heat safe tape. Lastly, place another piece of blowout paper on top.

Step 3: Time to press

Once you have all of your layers in order, it is time to press. Make sure your temperature is set to 375°F and that your timer is set to 50 seconds. Close your press on your layers. If you are using an easy press, you want to add some pressure by lightly leaning on your press. While you do this, be careful not to move your sandwich under your press.

After 50 seconds, carefully open your press, then remove the top layers by pulling them straight up so they do not touch the disc in any other area. Be careful, the metal disc will be hot. I like using my weeding tools to help me remove the paper and tape without burning my fingers.

You did it! You made a SparkleBerry Pot Holder! 

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