SparkleBerry Customers Celebrate Michaels with Mandy

The excitement was palpable the minute our Facebook fans and friends found out Sparkleberry was going to be in Michaels, the number one craft store in America. The excitement immediately spread like wildfire.  They went on the hunt, scouting out locations across the country.  Posts popped up with SparkleBerry in Michaels sightings,  celebrating right alongside Mandy for her amazing accomplishment. We saw pics of disappointed SparkleBerry crafters as well, as they arrived to their local stores and learned that it had not arrived yet. The waiting was so hard!  

SparkleBerry patterned vinyl is available at Michaels in 11 patterns in our heat transfer vinyl. The following patterns can be found in over 1000 stores in America: Mermaid Scales, Staci’s Watercolor, Ombre Unicorn, Mandy’s Palette, Rainbow Stripes, Kaleidoscope, Cheetah Pop-Pastel, Paisley-Navy, Bohemian-Night, Baseball, and Soccer-Real. 

Printed on Siser’s EasyWeed material, it’s used to create projects such as t-shirts and clothing, tote bags, pillows, and other fabric items. 

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