Silhouette or Cricut? Pros and Cons in a Nutshell!

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Silhouette Vs. Cricut:
When it comes to desktop plotters, Silhouette and Cricut are among the top choices. I have a Silhouette Cameo 3 as well as a Circuit Explore Air.  I won’t go into great detail (mostly because they’re both great and you really can’t go wrong with either) but I will break down the most important differences in my opinion.
Silhouette Cameo 3:
Pro- The design software is ON POINT.  You have a ton of freedom and options to design.  My favorite tool is the trace tool. You can literally pull an image from the internet, trace it and create your own cut file.
I do not recommend this technique for items that you will be selling (in fact it would be illegal and unethical to sell a product using someone else’s design without license to do so) For personal use, however, it is a super quick and fun way to break into creating your own files. I created this adorable “Hustle” makeup bag using a file I traced online and SparkleBerry Vacay  from our website. I can guarantee it’s only for personal use because it’s way too cute to part with!
Pro- The Silhouette Design Store has a ton of free files to use and a huge selection of adorable cut files for as little as 99 cents.
Con- The Silhouette is a little noisier than the Cricut.
Cricut Explore Air:
Pro- This machine is so quiet! I’ve had moments when I’ve wondered if my Silhouette was going to survive a job because the noises coming from it were slightly disturbing.  The Cricut Explore Air is as quiet as a mouse which would be helpful at times. For instance, if you’re a mom of a newborn or toddler that needs a quiet machine during nap time.  I wholeheartedly believe you should never wake a sleeping baby, even to make pretty things!
Pro- The most intricate designs can be completely mastered by this awesome machine.  The detailed work of the Cricut is superior to the Silhouette’s performance but honestly the difference is so minuscule that it’s almost not worth mentioning.
Con- The Cricut Design software is sluggish because it is cloud-based. The cloud depends on the speed of your internet to perform which in my case, is Comcast.  (I love you, Comcast, but in all honesty, you’re not always there for me.)  There may be a slight delay when designing which is very frustrating for anyone like me who loves efficiency and hates waiting. Full disclaimer… I may have an overreaction to Cricut Design Space. I hope for your sake, you possess a bit more patience than I do.  I’m praying about it though, you guys, I’m a work in progress.  Literally, even a 2 second delay drives me crazy and not all people will mind the extra 15 seconds it may take to complete a project.
So which do I prefer? I won’t say it’s an easy pick but when I have to choose, I’m a Silhouette girl.  The design software is a game-changer for me and I do feel Silhouette is always striving to improve and update.  Cricut also updates their software and I hear they’ve heard our complaints and are working on improvements.  I suppose we’ll see and I’ll have to make the decision all over again if Cricut improves Design Space!

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  1. I’m wondering if the Cricut Aor can be used with the Silhouette software now that you can save files dorectly to SVG. (Designing in Silhouette Studio and then opening the svg in Cricut’s software).

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