Happy New Year!

2016 was one for the record books here at the Graham residence! We had a record-breaking sales year for Sparkle Berry, we bought our forever home, my husband landed his dream job and we welcomed a brand-new puppy to the family!  (Most of that happened just in December…eeek!) All of our children are continuing to excel in homeschooling and gymnastics and have grown to be passionate about the Word and Jesus.  We’re so grateful for the growth and blessings that have poured down upon us and we look forward to passing those blessings on! 

Take a look at the site because we’ve added over 70 new patterns to our inventory!  All of our artwork is 100% OURS which means you never have to worry about copyright infringement when you craft with our vinyl.  You have our permission to post your projects on social media and even sell your masterpieces made from SB Vinyl.  More patterns will be added weekly!.  

We have a few big projects in the works that we KNOW will change the landscaping of this awesome little industry.  We can’t WAIT to fill you in! Hugs and Happy Crafting!