Glitter Laminate Instructions – Turn ANY adhesive vinyl into GLITTER!

That’s correct! You can turn any regular solid or patterned adhesive vinyl into Glitter Vinyl! Try our super simple hinge-method to apply our Glitter Laminate to any adhesive vinyl.

  1. Cut a desired size swatch of from your favorite SparkleBerry pattern or solid vinyl.
  2. Cut a swatch of glitter laminate large enough to overlap the size of vinyl.
  3. Layer the glitter laminate (do not remove backer) on top of the vinyl, glossy side up.
  4. Apply a piece of tape to two opposite sides creating a “hinge” and taping them down to the mat or table.
  5. Pull laminate from backer on one side only and carefully lay non-sticky side down on top of opposite side
  6. Cut exposed backer at the hinge
  7. Lift sticky side with one hand and using the other hand and a squeegee, apply the sticky laminate to the exposed side of the vinyl.
  8. Turn project around, remove backer from remaining side of laminate and squeegee the remainder of laminate to the other side of exposed vinyl
  9. Voila! You have Glitter Vinyl! (If you are a more visual learner, the tutorial below is a great learning tool!
  10. Recommended Cut Settings after laminate is applied: Silhouette: Cardstock Setting | Cricut: Cardstock Setting
  11. Helpful Hint: Simple cuts as opposed to intricate cuts have the most success rates!

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