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For years, you’ve been asking for digital offerings of our famous SparkleBerry pattern collection. Now, we are thrilled to announce the wait is over! Our digital file collections are designed for sublimated end products, end products with htv, such as monograms, t-shirts, and scrapbook paper etc. These designs should never be printed in ANY WAY in full onto Vinyl, HTV, Fabric, Scrapbook paper, Sublimated paper or ANY OTHER MEDIA. (An example of acceptable use is a heart “masked” in the pattern on a t-shirt or mug.)

License Terms

Our license terms allow for either a personal or commercial agreement. Read our End User License Agreement (EULA) in full before purchasing this collection. 

Personal License

This is intended for the use of our digital patterns in a home environment for hobby use.   You may use up to ___ output devices (printers) and ___ total computer per license.  If you need more extensive numbers of devices, you must purchase additional licenses.

Commercial License

This is intended for use in a commercial environment as outlined below and in depth in our EULA which can be found here.  You may use up to __ output devices (printers) and __ total computers per license.  Additionally, you must purchase an additional Commercial License for each location in which you will be using our digital files for business purposes.

An overview of the allowances and prohibited uses of these files.

You May

  • Enjoy these files for your personal use
  • Use them in your business to make PHYSICAL ITEMS for sale using Sublimation or Inkjet printing.
  • Use them to make designs such as monograms, t shirts, cups, vinyl for cutting only, scrapbook for paper projects, etc.

You May Not

  • Sell, share, or distribute in ANY WAY  the digital file or digital files made with the patterns.
  • Print and sell FULL patterns onto vinyl, heat transfer, stationery, cardstock, sublimation paper, or any other type of media to sell.  The end item for sale must be a physical product MADE from the pattern.  DO NOT PRINT VINYL OR FABRIC TO SELL AS AN END ITEM including but not limited to transfers or sublimated designs.
  • Take ANY digital element from the pattern to make other digital patterns, designs, or backgrounds.
  • Upload to ANY  website with the intention of having something made by another party such as Zazzle, Spoonflower, Printful or any other website used for manufacturing.  Patterns should only be printed by LICENSED PARTY.